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Autism training anywhere, anytime. Webinars are short and sweet. Each video stream 24/7 and lasts only 45 minutes to 1 hour long. Request now to begin learning or save for later.

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Every autism webinar features a unique topic to interest professionals, parents, or both. Scroll down to preview content - including ABA Training Courses.


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Autism Training Webinars are created and monitored by real Autism Therapists who you can contact at any time. Submit questions and receive a response from your instructor within 24 hours.

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Autism Family Center presentations are sought after in the Greater Chicago Area. Specialists teach parents and professional the tools they use at AFC. Formats include: large scale seminars, staff training, family resource fairs, and more.

Now we are bringing those same topics online. 

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Autism Training Courses


Help with autism. 

Supporting the Family 

Learn tools for healthy marriages and how to teach coping skills for siblings.

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Teenagers with Autism 

Explore what puberty is like with autistic tendencies and teens on the spectrum. We will also talk about ABA for teens.

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ABA Tools for Parents

Learn behavior modification tools that can be used at home such as a token economy and response cost.