Directions: Please use this form to direct all of your 2016-2017 school year scheduling requests. We will be providing center based programs for all ages, as well as our current in-home, in-school and weekend support. 



In-home, In-school and weekend support:

  • Our home, school and weekend support includes our entire comprehensive approach of both Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Counseling

After School Program (At the center): 

  • Our center based after-school program will focus on creating a safe environment for our clients to thrive in peer-to-peer socialization as well as their individual targets and goals. Through our comprehensive approach of both Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Counseling we plan to model a safe and structured place where our clients will enjoy hanging out after school. We will be structuring in daily homework time, community outings and peer-to-peer interactions through movies, games and more! 

Academic Achievers (At the Center): 

  • Beginning September 1st, AFC is offering a therapeutic day program for children up to age 6. The program is ideal for children who are not ready for a full day of preschool or kindergarten. Counselors will structure the day to mock a typical early education classroom. But, each child has their own one-to-one counselor to facilitate that child's individual goals. Our kiddos will work on individual skills while also participating in a social setting, we plan to work with our parents as well to ensure these children are prepared and ready for all the prerequisites their school requires. This program's therapeutic approach stems from both Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Counseling for all family members involved.
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CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: Please note limits of confidentiality when submitting personal information electronically. If you are uncomfortable submitting the information electronically, please call Lauren Rabin: 847.814.1096. Thank you!