ABA Therapy Center

Applied Behavior Analysis & Clinical Counseling: Comprehensive, center-based approach for children and teenagers with autism. 



Summer program and camp for kids & teens with autism.

Each summer, our day program is open to all age groups. Each child will have an individual treatment plan. But summer break is exactly that...a break. We make sure each child has a fun, activity-filled schedule while maintaining all the progress they made this school year. Treatment plans and activity schedules are tailored to the learner. 

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AFC After School is an intensive behavior therapy program for children and teenagers with autism. The program encourages independent academic skills with the added social benefits of center-based therapy. Certified ABA therapists focus on each student's individual goals, daily-living skills, and social activity. 

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day program 

This intensive ABA Therapy program prepares for academics & beyond. Center-Based ABA is best for early learners, children who engage in school refusal, and young adults transitioning out of academics and into their next phase. Counselors reduce behaviors that inhibit learning and growing. Children, Teens, and Young Adults face new challenges with one-on-one support of certified ABA therapists. 

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Intensive Behavior Therapy: Increase Academic Skills, Emotional Regulation, & Social Skills. Reduce behaviors that interfere with learning. 

Intensive ABA Therapy

At Home & School 

Applied Behavior Analysis at school for autism. 

School Based ABA 

Intensive ABA Therapy for autism at school: Counselors support children in their own academic environment. One-on-one attention enhances each child's ability to overcome classroom stressors in order to learn. School-based ABA is best for children whose challenging behaviors increase while in the classroom.


Home Based ABA Therapy for autism. 

Home Based ABA

 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can be implemented in your own home. Behavior Therapy addresses concerns at home that interfere with leisure and family time. ABA Counselors teach your child age appropriate living skills to gain independence. Intensive interventions address challenging behaviors in your own environment. 


Autism Treatment Options

If you have met one person on the spectrum, you have met one person on the spectrum. Learn about additional services at Autism Family Center. 

Counseling for kids at autism therapy center. 

Play Therapy for children with autism. Play therapy addresses communication, self-esteem, anxiety reduction, mood regulation, and more. 

Intensive behavior therapy for autism, toileting, potty training. 

Intensive potty training (Toileting) for autism. An intensive behavior approach can be used for children who have not yet had success with traditional approaches to toileting. 

Counseling for kids and teens at autism therapy center. 

Family Counseling for autism. Facilitate healthy relationships and coping styles across all family members. Support for parents, siblings, and the entire family. 

Behavior support for autism at IEP meetings with autism doctors.

IEP Meeting Support. Autism therapists can join you at the next IEP Meeting. Their background and experience will help you navigate the education system. 

Counseling for teens and adults with autism at autism therapy center. North shore chicago. 

Counseling for teens and adults with autism. Supportive environment addresses stress, anxiety, mood, communication, and other emotional support. 

Autism doctors, autism treatment options: counseling for teens and adults with autism.

Counseling for teens and adults with autism. Learn important skills to apply for, earn, and maintain a job. Practice with a clinical counselor in a supportive environment.