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Applied Behavior Analysis & Clinical Counseling: Comprehensive, center-based approach for children and teenagers with autism. 



Summer program and camp for kids & teens with autism.

Each summer, our day program is open to all age groups. Each child will have an individual treatment plan. But summer break is exactly that...a break. We make sure each child has a fun, activity-filled schedule while maintaining all the progress they made this school year. Treatment plans and activity schedules are tailored to the learner. 

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AFC After School is an intensive behavior therapy program for children and teenagers with autism. The program encourages independent academic skills with the added social benefits of center-based therapy. Certified ABA therapists focus on each student's individual goals, daily-living skills, and social activity. 

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day program 

This intensive ABA Therapy program prepares for academics & beyond. Center-Based ABA is best for early learners, children who engage in school refusal, and young adults transitioning out of academics and into their next phase. Counselors reduce behaviors that inhibit learning and growing. Children, Teens, and Young Adults face new challenges with one-on-one support of certified ABA therapists. 

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Intensive Behavior Therapy: Increase Academic Skills, Emotional Regulation, & Social Skills. Reduce behaviors that interfere with learning. 

Intensive ABA Therapy

At Home & School 

Applied Behavior Analysis at school for autism. 

School Based ABA 

Intensive ABA Therapy for autism at school: Counselors support children in their own academic environment. One-on-one attention enhances each child's ability to overcome classroom stressors in order to learn. School-based ABA is best for children whose challenging behaviors increase while in the classroom.


Home Based ABA Therapy for autism. 

Home Based ABA

 Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) can be implemented in your own home. Behavior Therapy addresses concerns at home that interfere with leisure and family time. ABA Counselors teach your child age appropriate living skills to gain independence. Intensive interventions address challenging behaviors in your own environment. 


Autism Treatment Options

If you have met one person on the spectrum, you have met one person on the spectrum. Learn about additional services at Autism Family Center. 

Counseling for kids at autism therapy center. 

Play Therapy for children with autism. Play therapy addresses communication, self-esteem, anxiety reduction, mood regulation, and more. 

Intensive behavior therapy for autism, toileting, potty training. 

Intensive potty training (Toileting) for autism. An intensive behavior approach can be used for children who have not yet had success with traditional approaches to toileting. 

Counseling for kids and teens at autism therapy center. 

Family Counseling for autism. Facilitate healthy relationships and coping styles across all family members. Support for parents, siblings, and the entire family. 

Behavior support for autism at IEP meetings with autism doctors.

IEP Meeting Support. Autism therapists can join you at the next IEP Meeting. Their background and experience will help you navigate the education system. 

Counseling for teens and adults with autism at autism therapy center. North shore chicago. 

Counseling for teens and adults with autism. Supportive environment addresses stress, anxiety, mood, communication, and other emotional support. 

Autism doctors, autism treatment options: counseling for teens and adults with autism.

Counseling for teens and adults with autism. Learn important skills to apply for, earn, and maintain a job. Practice with a clinical counselor in a supportive environment. 

Intensive Behavior Therapy

after school program

This center based program enables children and teens with autism to practice academic skills in a social setting. Trained ABA therapists work with students to feel safe in an environment, while also thriving to achieve their independent goals.  All center based programs have a 1:1 ratio. Each day, staff assess which planned activities the students will benefit most from. Whether we are in the center or on field trips, we utilize our time to focus on targets


aba therapy and counseling

Trained Behavior Counselors will use an Applied Behavior Analysis approach to meet daily goals. The ABA Team works closely with our Clinical Counseling Team to ensure a well-rounded comprehensive treatment plan. 

This program runs after school until 6:30PM with built in homework time. 



Students are welcome Monday through Friday after school until 6:30PM. When students arrive they have down time and snack time. Then we have a structured schedule as a group with time to work on individual targets and goals. Parents will be updated daily.





Each student has uniquely tailored goals. AFC's multidisciplinary team conducts ongoing assessments to keep treatment plan consistently relevant and challenging. The one-to-one ratio of trained ABA Counselors to students allows each student to participate in group activities regardless of developmental or functioning level. 

Daily Living Skills   |  Self Help Skills  |  Independence  |  Peer to Peer Socialization  |  Academic Development  |  Self-Esteem




Trained ABA Counselors work to plan a variety of activities and field trips. Students will have an opportunity to participate in each activity based on their goals, interests, and peer group. 

autism after school teen north shore chicago



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Autism Family Center

At Autism Family Center we offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach. Services stem from two disciplines -Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Counseling. 

Intensive Behavior Therapy Center

Therapeutic Day Program

Intensive ABA Therapy is covered by most major insurance providers. Request a consultation to discuss if our program is right for you and your family. 

During the school year

Using preschool learning activities training ABA therapists facilitate social development and create an emotional learning program. 

A preschool and kindergarten curriculum that creates a social emotional learning program.  

Certified ABA Therapists use preschool learning activities to teach kids social skills. ABA Counselors tailor the curriculum and lesson plan for each students' needs. Following a preschool and kindergarten classroom schedule, children engage in learning games and activities. Kids take part in an emotional learning program developed by dedicated clinicians and educators. 

Intensive ABA Program for Homebound and Homeschool kids. Follow a homeschool curriculum for children with autism or receive home bound school program and care. 

Homebound and homeschooled children can reach their social and academic potential at AFC. 

When behaviors interfere with learning, school-age kids can become homebound or homeschooled. AFC's day program will work to reduce those behaviors that are keeping your child at home. The structured curriculum will ensure your child continues to build academic and social skills. 

All center based programs have a 1:1 Ratio. Each day, staff assess which planned activities the students will benefit most from. 

Intensive ABA Therapy for Early Learners

Trained ABA Counselors use a preschool curriculum to increase social, emotional, and academic skills and reduce behaviors that inhibit learning.

Derived from the concepts of Applied Behavior Analysis and the Common Core, AFC's Day Program supports children who may not be ready to attend a traditional classroom.  All children have the potential to excel. But, the structure of a classroom environment often evokes distractions and anxiety. Stressors are associated with: routine-following and attending to the instructions in a group setting.  Many also need more support with transitions to structured activities.


Intensive ABA Behavior Therapy Day Program for School Refusal Autism Preschool Kindergarten. Trained ABA Therapists work with intensive behaviors and academic skills. 


Follow a Preschool Curriculum

The program is set up like a typical classroom. Counselors work with each child individually as well as in a group of appropriate peers. All children will complete the prerequisite steps to be Learner Ready. The outcome is a child who is ready to enter an academic environment without supports.


Functional Communication: Autism Preschool with ABA Behavior Therapy 

Speech & Communication Skills

Intensive ABA Therapy works on functional communication including vocal communication. The goal is for all children to effectively speak up for their needs and engage in meaningful conversation. 


Social skills work at autism school. 

Teaching Social Skills

ABA Counselors lead social skills games for kids to facilitate the development of true, meaningful friendships. 


Autism Preschool with intensive behavior therapy. 

curriculum for Academic Skills

The program follows a typical curriculum for preschool and kindergarten. However, lesson plans are uniquely tailored to meet the individual needs of each students. This is made possible by AFC's one-to-one staff to student ratio. ABA Therapists break down academic skills into smaller attainable steps and teach with errorless learning. 


Autism school that provides intensive aba therapy in the aba therapy center. 

Classroom Schedule 

The program walks children through the preschool schedule they can expect to see when they enter the classroom. AFC's counselors work to teach children how to transition from activity to activity. Kids practice engaging in non preferred activities while also waiting for their favorite activities to start. Kids leave the program ready to enter the classroom without supports. 


Autism school with intensive behavior aba therapy for preschool and school refusal. 

Like a preschool schedule, children are welcome to join us for either full or half days. Flexible start and end times are also available. 


Huffington Post: Read Autism Family Center's articles on topics like: Kindergarten expectations, Preschool Benchmarks and Performance Descriptors, and center based services for early learners. 

The Benchmark: Identify emotions from facial expressions and body language.

The Benchmark: Identify emotions from facial expressions and body language.


The Behavior Analytic Approach to Early Education

Teaching from a Behavior Analytic standpoint is different than traditional approaches to education. Indeed, the entire point is to teach children who need a unique approach. Often, adults have lowered expectations for children who have a Developmental Delay - such as Autistic Disorder. And yet, children on the autism spectrum are often very capable of learning any skill that we expect a neurotypical child to learn. All the child needs is a dedicated professional, who understands the variety of approaches in education.

A couple of weeks ago, our organization wrote an article about the Preschool Benchmarks outlined by the Illinois State Board of Education. Today we want to review how Behavior Analysts might approach each of these benchmarks.


Preparing your child for preschool & Kindergarten 

Entering Preschool and Kindergarten is an important step in your child’s life as they begin their academic journey. The adults in a child’s life - their caregivers, their teachers, and their health providers - are responsible for working together to ensure each child is prepared to explore academic advancement. But how exactly do we measure achievement for children at this age? How do we know when a child needs additional attending?


The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) measures academic achievement based on Learning Standards, Benchmarks, and Performance Descriptors (Levels).


It is extremely important to note that not all children are going to fall into the categories or examples listed below. Children develop at their own paces and illustrate development in different ways. That is why it is so important for schools, parents, and providers to work together to ensure each child is given the opportunity to advance given their own specific qualities and interests.

Huffington Post:  Benefits of Center Based Intervention 

Huffington Post: Benefits of Center Based Intervention 


Why Autism Therapies Are Moving Out Of The Home And Into The center

For years, people on with Autistic Disorder - or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - have participated in home-based therapy. The concept behind home-based treatment is that it helps to facilitate behavioral intervention in the natural environment. For example, if a teenager is working toward the independent skill of doing laundry, they can practice with a counselor using their own laundry room and their own clothing. For many goals, home-based intervention is an important route to take.

Yet more and more, providers are moving toward other environment to facilitate interventions - such as the child’s school, the community, or even specialized centers. According to the Association for Science in Autism Treatment and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Mary Jane Weiss, this is due to the increasing

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