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Fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity is a core value at AFC. We continue to research the causes of burnout and the ways to reduce burnout in the field of mental health. In the meantime, we have created an infographic based on the information out there so far.

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Ideal Candidates





The team at Autism Family Center works tirelessly to make sure that our clients have uniquely developed treatment plans to meet their individual needs. We are providers in this field because we care deeply for children on the spectrum & their families. 

Our care extends beyond that of our patients, however. We care for our team. The leadership at AFC takes an interest in the lives and needs of our staff. If you join our team, expect to be heard. We not only ask for your opinion but hope that you will provide feedback to us on a regular basis. 

Your co-workers & supervisors should - and will be - the people you can rely on. 



A lot of companies talk about their culture. They like to say their office space inspires creativity and brag about how much fun their team has together. It's as if somehow work happens despite all day happy hours. 

In the profession of Autism Services, all day happy hours are not really an option. But our team truly is inspiring. Our company culture comes from surrounding ourselves with intelligent, like minded professionals we can rely on. Our team is composed of specialists in Applied Behavior Analysis, Family Therapy, and Clinical Counseling. Together, we are able to integrate multiple theoretical perspectives to create out-of-the-box treatment plans uniquely tailored to each individual we work with. 

When we are off the clock, we go to concerts and comedy shows, have pot luck dinners and - yes- happy hours. We are a group of people who are dedicated to our work and genuinely have fun in the process. 




This is not a nine to five kind of job. Every day is different at Autism Family Center. You'll experience variety in your case load - with a range of age and functioning level amongst clients. Even the time of day you go to work and clock out for the night will vary. 



Work life balance and integration are extremely important to us at Autism Family Center. After joining the AFC Team, we will work together to create a flexible schedule to allow you to balance your many needs & responsibilities outside of work.  

Expect to be asked often "What kind of flexibility would be helpful to you in balancing your work and home life?"



Home based therapy is provided to clients in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. 

Our center based therapy is located in Winnetka and Lakeview. 



Not only do we listen to our team but we rely on feedback to improve our program on an ongoing basis. 

As often as possible you will be part of team meetings to discuss company wide progress and future goals. We also conduct one-on-one interviews to get a better understanding of each person's professional development. 

The Leadership Team wants to know what we can do to make each person feel more fulfilled at work. 



Paid Time Off

Paid Sick Days

Paid Holidays

Health, Dental & Vision




We are looking to add new members to our team that are like us: we help each other out, we are creative and innovative, and we work hard so that we can play hard. Ideally, you are the type of person who thinks outside the box, stays current in the field, and always goes the extra mile. It wouldn't hurt to also have a great sense of humor!

This is not a standard position. We are a growing agency looking for people to take a hands on approach to build a stronger program with us. We are looking for big picture thinkers who can find the balance between taking direction and taking the lead. 

Interested in finding out about our open positions?  Current job postings are listed here.

Please e-mail Joe.Sweeney@autismtherapies.com for more information.