Intensive Behavior Therapy

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This center based program enables children and teens with autism to practice academic skills in a social setting. Trained ABA therapists work with students to feel safe in an environment, while also thriving to achieve their independent goals.  All center based programs have a 1:1 ratio. Each day, staff assess which planned activities the students will benefit most from. Whether we are in the center or on field trips, we utilize our time to focus on targets


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Trained Behavior Counselors will use an Applied Behavior Analysis approach to meet daily goals. The ABA Team works closely with our Clinical Counseling Team to ensure a well-rounded comprehensive treatment plan. 

This program runs after school until 6:30PM with built in homework time. 



Students are welcome Monday through Friday after school until 6:30PM. When students arrive they have down time and snack time. Then we have a structured schedule as a group with time to work on individual targets and goals. Parents will be updated daily.





Each student has uniquely tailored goals. AFC's multidisciplinary team conducts ongoing assessments to keep treatment plan consistently relevant and challenging. The one-to-one ratio of trained ABA Counselors to students allows each student to participate in group activities regardless of developmental or functioning level. 

Daily Living Skills   |  Self Help Skills  |  Independence  |  Peer to Peer Socialization  |  Academic Development  |  Self-Esteem




Trained ABA Counselors work to plan a variety of activities and field trips. Students will have an opportunity to participate in each activity based on their goals, interests, and peer group. 

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Autism Family Center

At Autism Family Center we offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach. Services stem from two disciplines -Applied Behavior Analysis and Clinical Counseling.